About Me

I am Peta Roberts and I created Vida Voce to help give voice to your own life story through writing, video and audio recording. Personal History is about documenting your life. More intimate than a genealogical study, personal history captures the stories behind the facts, the people behind the photos.

For your own personal history project, I can interview, transcribe and write your story, record you on video to make a multi-media one-of-a-kind documentary, or make an audio story of your life.

I want you to enjoy the process of  documenting your life history. Recalling your memories lets you understand the past and look forward to the future. It gives you the opportunity to explore how your experiences have shaped your life. And along the way, create your own timeless heirlooms for future generations.

Sometimes in this busy world, and despite the best of intentions, we need help with those tasks we never seem to get done by ourselves. Count on me to make your personal history my priority. Contact me to talk about how to capture your Vida Voce moments. Isn’t it time to tell the story of your life.

Peta Roberts

Peta Roberts

“Some people think we are made of flesh and blood and bones. Scientists say we’re made of atoms. But I think we are made of stories. When we die, that’s what people remember, the stories of our lives and the stories that we told.” Ruth Stotter, American storyteller¬†


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