Vida Voce - Memoir & Biography Services

Scanning and digitizing your precious family documents, photos and memorabilia will help you organize, declutter and eventually downsize.  I take a very organized approach and will preserve your documents both digitally and in an archivally safe way.

Being able to declutter helps us to move on. Shedding unwanted items take the load off and relieves the next generation of having to do the same. Organizing our life works in a way that can be appreciated gives us that special gift that we can pass onto other generations.

Even with the best of intentions, people just don’t have the technical capacity nor the technology to organize and downsize their collections. We lose time, and sleep, over worrying about how to approach this momentous task.

I have the time, the technology and the know how to tame the clutter. You will receive an external disk drive that you can plug into your computer at any time and enjoy your collection. Make copies and pass it onto family.

In the comfort of your home I will give you a price quote on scanning your collection. This is a true service, and does not require you to package your collection into shoeboxes and mail it off.  I do all the heavy lifting, carefully removing photos from albums, taking photos from frames, sorting, digitizing, and making sense of your family history.

Call or text me now to make an appointment. 408-394-7989. I service the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose and south bay.

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