Services & Prices

Let me help you with your own personal history. Here are some of the types of services you can choose from:

  • Legacy Letters.  This is a note where you share your values, experiences, wisdom and personal stories with generations to come. Pass on your ethics and philosophies with your family and heirs. Although we say “letter” it can be a document, an audio tape, or a video.
  • Biography. Your life story. A personal history can be a memoir of a particular point in time, or capture all the branches of your life. Get everyone involved, maybe your history will be a record of an extended family.
  • Digitization. Organize and and compile all your precious family photos. Let me take the burden from you of sorting shoeboxes full of photos. No need to pass that job onto the next generation – give them digital! You can never have too many photos, right? Especially when they tell their own story in a customized photo book.


  • Corporate History. A history of a department or a company centered around the people that made it special
  • Tribute. A smaller story to honor your relatives or close friends who aren’t here any more to tell their story.
  • Vida Salud – Health History. When you only have a short amount of time to make the most of your medical consultation, you want your health provider to understand you and your health history to ensure your treatment plan is optimal. A written health history, based on medical intake forms, that details your health challenges, medicines, treatments can be both a timesaver and lifesaver.


Pricing for individual services is dependent on the time and scope of the project. Personal history projects are often labor-intensive, and videos require more to produce and edit than a written tribute.

A simple Legacy Letter is about $500.  Bigger Biographies might start at a few thousand dollars. If your project includes interviews with many family and friends to go in-depth, it will cost more. But the more the merrier, right?

Perhaps you have a small project, and I can work with you to ensure a treasured legacy can be created to fit a relatively modest budget.

When we agree to work together, we will agree a payment plan with milestones that will helps you keep to your budget, and maintain accountability through the project. You can cancel, or amend the scope of your project at any time.

My fees do not include the final cost of printing books.


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