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I am Peta Roberts and I created Vida Voce to help give voice to your own life story. Personal History is about documenting the stories of your life. More intimate than a genealogical study, personal history captures the stories behind the facts, the people behind the photos. Telling your stories can be a way to reflect on your life and take pride in your achievements. Its also a way to share your legacy with family, to let them know what is important to you and pass on life lessons.

Count on me to make your personal history my priority. Contact me to talk about how to capture your Vida Voce moments. Isn’t it time to tell the story of your life.

How To Record Your Memoirs

Book. Hard covered, soft covered, large or small. I produce your book ready for printing, and design a front and back cover. You will approve the final draft of your book before printing, which I also organize. You can order as many copies as you wish, with pricing based on number of pages and type of cover.

Audio. I’ll make an audio recording of you during our interview sessions. With a little more effort, turn your interviews into an edited history that can be shared with others. Use your recorded audio as the soundtrack narrating your story on video, illustrated with family photos.

Digitization. Decluttering your photo collection can seem like a monumental task. I can tame your photos by scanning and digitizing your entire photo collection.

Legacy Letters.  This is a note where you share your values, experiences, wisdom and personal stories with generations to come. Pass on your ethics and philosophies with your family and heirs. Although we say “letter” it can be a document, an audio tape, or a video.

Corporate History. A history of a department or a company centered around the people that made it special.

Tribute. A smaller story to honor your relatives or close friends who aren’t here any more to tell their story. I can also put together photo Tribute Books. Even for your pets!

How I Work

Initial Consultation.

Free. Every project starts with a free consultation to talk about your aims. What kind of project you want to do? We discuss how I collect your stories through interviews, look at photos with you, and decide if other friends or family will be involved in the project.

Multimedia. You might want your project to be a multimedia video by adding family photos to illustrate your story. I do all the scanning, and edit the video.

Project planning.We will decide each step of the project, and what needs to be included. We will check our calendars to schedule dates and times for interviews, and anticipated  end date of your personal history project


Budget. We will discuss your budget, and what you can achieve with your budget. I like to work with a written agreement that puts down on paper exactly what we have agreed. We will agree a payment plan with milestones that will keep you to your budget.  You can cancel, or amend the scope of your project at any time.

Time. Your project requires time and commitment. We have a formal start, then we get to work with interviews, and we wrap up with drafts for you to approve, and end with a celebration. Working together as productive collaborators, we will decide each step of the project, and what needs to be included.

Photo compilation. We will spend time looking through your photo collection to choose those images to be included in your personal history.


Interviews. I am a skilled listener who can shape narrative to ensure your legacy stories are documented. As an expert interviewer, I will guide you through interviews in the comfort of your own home. We will talk about the areas of your life you want to discuss, recording at every step.

Transcribing. For a written biography, I will transcribe your stories and compile them in a draft book. Or, you can decide your project is an audio file, which may be be edited where necessary and given to you in digital format.

Writing. Using your interview transcriptions to weave a story of your life.

Researching. Do you want your personal stories to have more context? Additionally,  you can ask me to document the events that co-existed at the times relevant in the book.

Printing. Choosing a format for publication and hiring a printer to bring your book to life. I will give you estimates for the price of book production, and work with a printer on your behalf.

Typical Prices

Pricing for individual services is dependent on the time and scope of the project. Personal history projects are labor-intensive, and videos require more to produce and edit than a written tribute. I can work with you to ensure a treasured legacy can be created to fit a relatively modest budget.

  • Book. $3,500 to $6,000
  • Audio. $2,500 to $4,500
  • Legacy Letters.  $750 – $1,000
  • Corporate Histories. $5,000 to $15,000. Depends on the scope of the project, number of people interviewed, and amount of research required.
  • Tribute Books. $900 to $1,600


This might be the most expensive book you will buy, BUT there is only one book of you.

You will be sharing with future generations all those details you wished you had known about your grandparents. That value is priceless.

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