Personal History is about documenting the stories of your life. It captures the stories behind the facts, the people behind the photos. Telling your stories can be a way to reflect on your life and take pride in your achievements. Its also a way to share your legacy with family, to let them know what is important to you and pass on life lessons. Count on me to make your personal history my priority. Contact me to talk about how to capture your Vida Voce moments. Isn’t it time to tell the story of your life.

How I Help You

Initial Meeting

Free. Every project starts with a free consultation to talk about your aims. What kind of project you want to do? What questions do you have of me?

We will check our calendars to schedule dates and times for interviews, and anticipated  end date of your personal history project

Writing your own story


We will discuss what you can achieve with your budget. I like to work with a written agreement that puts down on paper exactly what we have agreed.

Getting the Job Done

This is the fun part!  Honestly, just working with people to get their stories is the best part of my work. 

We will meet virtually, I will record our conversations, and make the process of telling your stores as easy as can be for you.

Your project requires time and commitment. We have a formal start, then we get to work with interviews. We will meet virtually, I will record our conversations, and make the process of telling your stores as easy as can be for you.

Give me a few weeks to edit, and that’s it!

Story Types and Pricing

Your Book – $3,150

The stories of your life. Sit with me and tell them. Let me ask you questions, let me be your story catcher. I will record, then transcribe our conversations, and then edit your words into your own book of stories.

Legacy Letters – $2,100

This is a note where you share your values, experiences, wisdom and personal stories with generations to come. Pass on your ethics and philosophies with your family and heirs. Although we say “letter” it can be a document, an audio tape, or a video.

Tribute Story – $1,800

A smaller story to honor your relatives or close friends who aren’t here any more to tell their story. I can also put together photo Tribute Books. Even for your pets!

Your Story Goes Here


You will be sharing with future generations all those details you wished you had known about your grandparents. That value is priceless.

Let’s record your stories

…. but not in a bottle

Distance and Coronavirus

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area…

But we can talk over the internet via Zoom.

Don’t let our distance stop you!

We don’t even have to be in the same room to meet! Don’t let the coronavirus stop you from going ahead with your plans. The internet is fantastic, we can use it to our advantage so that we don’t risk being exposed. Be comfortable in your own home … and invite me to join you for a few hours.

Meet Me

Contact me at

for more information

Hear How Others Have Collaborated with a Personal Historian

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